Tim Barnes, President of Blue WaveTim Barnes, President, Bluewave Strategy

Inspiring motivator. Impassioned entrepreneur.

Tim is someone who can get things done. He sees the big picture, which gives him the ability to determine what needs to happen, and then find the proper way to do it. He knows how to get people on board – whether he’s managing a team, developing a business or raising money for a cause he believes in.

Tim is never satisfied with the status quo. Tim has more than 25 years of experience in National, State and Local politics. He has created and managed over 20 of the most successful political and policy organizations in the country during his career and he continues this work today.

As well, Tim has held executive positions at the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during his career.

Tim is a graduate of Creighton University and currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska, with his wife and four children, where he volunteers for several charitable organizations and is an active member of his church community.