Blue Wave has created, built and managed the following political and policy organizations:

Blue Wave Clients - Ag America
BlueWave Clients - Forum for Community Leaders
Blue Wave Clients - RedMAP
Blue Wave Clients - Republican Lieutenant Governors Association
Blue Wave Clients - State Government Leadership Foundation
BlueWave Clients - America's Food Security Foundation
Blue Wave Clients - Municipal Policy Institute
Blue Wave Clients - Republican Agriculture Commissioners Committee
Blue Wave Clients - Republican Secretary of State's Committee
BlueWave Clients - State Insurance Leadership Foundation
Blue Wave Clients - Freedom to Feed Foundation
Blue Wave Clients - Nebraska Leadership Committee
BlueWave Clients - RAGA
BlueWave Clients - RSLC

BlueWave Clients - Community Leaders of America
BlueWave Clients - Nebraska Leadership Foundation
BlueWave Clients - Republican Legislative Campaign Committee
BlueWave Clients - State Financial Officers Foundation
BlueWave Clients - State Insurance Leadership Committee